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Post by BKCDesigns on Sun Nov 17, 2019 9:20 am

Santa's Gift Bags LxESwDB

Welcome to Artistic Tag Passions

We are happy to have you here!

This is open to guests and members of Artistic Tag Passions.  So if you would like a bag feel free to add one for everyone to fill.

Below you will find Six Santa's Bag to chose from. Pick the one you want and you can start a thread for yourself. Here you will have gifts such as tags, recipes, notes and such left for you during this event. 

I have personalized my bag. If you would like to do that with your bag please feel free to.  If you are not a tagger and would like a bag you can email me at with the subject line ATP Santa Bag. When writing please tell me the name you would like on your bag. I will add it and than post the thread for you.

When you open your own thread, please add your name so we will know who you are. For example on the thread description add Belinda's Gift Bag.

Here is what the personalized bag I made for myself looks like:

Santa's Gift Bags SPXwA1i

The Santa's Bags below are the ones you can chose from. To save just save as you would a tag. You can upload it to an upload site and than post it in your thread.

Santa's Gift Bags DypMkyg  Santa's Gift Bags H1rrNTS  Santa's Gift Bags 5OFc2tF  Santa's Gift Bags TPZHD1N

Santa's Gift Bags DhL3E0j  Santa's Gift Bags Kqk5HSm

Santa's Gift Bags BlueBelle46

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