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Welcome to ATP's Christmas with Friends!

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Welcome to ATP's Christmas with Friends!  Empty Welcome to ATP's Christmas with Friends!

Post by JulesofColorado on Sun Nov 10, 2019 8:54 am

Welcome to ATP's Christmas with Friends!  ASwQwV0

We would like to welcome all of you to ATP's Christmas with Friends.
We are very happy to have you here to celebrate Christmas with us!

We apologize that guests will have to deal with ads while here.
Our current package does not disable ads for guests.
We do hope it won't be too much of a nuisance for you!

All boards are open to guests and members!

Here is a run down of what we have to offer:

There will be tube and scrap prizes and exclusive tags for non-taggers.
This board will open on December 1st and will be open until December 31st.
You are able to post as guests or you are free to join the forum.
Each activity will have an explanation of that activity.

Please make sure tags are copyright compliant!
Here is a run down of each activity:

 Christmas Contests: You will find tagging contests with tubes and scraps as prizes.

Holly Jolly Games has non tagging games just for fun.

Santa's Gift Bags: In place of stockings we have posted a gift bag thread on the board. 
Choose a bag and start a new thread and post your bag.
People will then come in and post tags or whatever they choose in your bag.

Tagging Games is where you will find Alphabet Challenge, Admin Pick Challenge, Pass the Scrap, Pick 5 Christmas Style and Tut-A-Thon.

What's Next: Post any tag of your choice. Then post what item you would like to see in a tag. 
Next poster posts a tag with that item in the tag.
There will be a drawing towards the end of the month for a free tube of your choice!
Non taggers will win an exclusive tag.
In the case that a non tagger is drawn there will still be a drawing for taggers for a tube!

One special thing that I am hosting is called Winter Wonderland.
It's like the Twelve Days of Christmas. There are tagging activities for a specified number of days. 
Everyone who participates in each activity will be entered into a drawing (random name generator) to win a tube of their choice.
Remember, this is open to everyone including guests and members.
This is also open to non taggers. 
In the case that a non tagger's name is drawn there will still be a drawing for taggers for tubes!

WWO: Post a tag on the WWO offers board.
Post the WWO pick up on the WWO Pick Up board.

I'm not sure if guests will be able to send a pm, so if you have any problems or any questions 
please send me an email at

Your hosts are Belinda (BKCDesigns), JulesofColorado, Mary Jane and MoonDreams.

If you need to contact us just click on the "Contact" link at the bottom right of the page and it will send a pm to the Admins.

Have fun and Merry Christmas! 

Welcome to ATP's Christmas with Friends!  3711438334 

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